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YUI, "I know" {k/r/t}

Artist: YUI
Song Title: I Know
Album: From Me To You
Track Number: 11
Released: 2006
Lyrics By: YUI
Listen: YouTube

One of my many favorites by YUI. <3

Kanji Romaji English Translation
声もかれて 心も枯れて
yeah! got you buddy

I know I know 争いの中
I know I know 震える 小さな 身体を…

可愛い わたしだけの坊や
罪も持たず 武器も持たず
yeah! got you buddy

I know I know 彷徨いながら
I know I know 乾いた わたしの

I know I know 夜を越えて
走り出そう まさに目の前に

夢を描いて 眠りにつく前に
arai kokyuu ga furueru
awatadashii sora ga mieru
ochitsukeru basho mo nai
koe mo karete kokoro mo karete
nakisakebu koe ga hibikiwatatteru
yeah! got you buddy

I know I know arasoi no naka
I know I know furueru chiisana karada wo…

nakanai de onegai
kawaii watashi dake no bouya
makikomarete yuku
tsumi mo motazu buki mo motazu
kaeru basho mo naku yoru ni kakureru
yeah! got you buddy

I know I know samaoi nagara
I know I know kawaita watashi no
kokoro ni aru oashisu e
hitori hitotsu no kibou wo

I know I know yoru wo koete
hashiridesou masani me no mae ni
hirogaru uchuu no naka de

yume wo egaite nemuri ni tsuku mae ni
ai no sekai wo…
yume wo…
My rough breath is trembling,
the sky seems so hectic.
There is no place for me to settle;
my voice is dying, my heart is dying.
My cries and screams echo out.
Yeah! Got you buddy!

I know, I know, amid the battle,
I know, I know, my small body trembles…

Please don’t cry,
my only cute little boy.
We are getting swallowed up,
carrying no sins, carrying no weapons.
Without a place to return to, we are hidden in the night.
Yeah! Got you buddy!

I know, I know, while I wander,
I know, I know, I will make my way to an oasis
in my dried up heart.
Alone, there is one hope.

I know, I know, passing through the night,
I will start running inside the universe
that expands right before my eyes.

I will create a dream before I fall asleep.
A dream…
of a world of love…
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