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Rurutia, "Giselle" { kanji / romaji / translation }

Artist:ルルティア (Rurutia)
Song Title: ジゼル (Giselle)
Album: Promised Land
Track Number: 6
Released: 2004
Lyrics By: Rurutia

I've been in a Rurutia kick again lately... this track came on, and it literally made me instantly shed a little tear. Listening to the music alongside the lyrics really gives the listener the full emotion that's in Rurutia's voice. It's such a heartbreaking song, and one of my favorites from her. <3
Kanji Romaji English Translation
千切れては 风に散る 白い羽根
キスをして 空へ返した 无垢な御霊

“もう 眠りたいの”
仆の右手を 振りほどいて

ひざまづく土の上 冷たい石碑に
キスをして すがりついた

“もう 眠りたいの”
あの时 仆は何故

风に散る 白い羽根
空へ帰った 无垢な御霊

ひざまづく 土の上
chigirete wa kaze ni chiru shiroi hane
kisu wo shite sora e kaeshita muku na tamashii

“mou nemuritai no”
kimi wa hohoemi nagara
boku no migite wo furi hodoite
itte shimatta

hizamazuku tsuchi no ue tsumetai sekihi ni
kisu wo shite sugaritsuita
....aitai yo

“mou nemuritai no”
tsukan da kimi no migite wo
ano toki boku wa naze
hanashite shimatta no darou

kaze ni chiru shiroi hane
sora e kaetta muku na tamashii

hizamazuku tsuchi no ue
tsumetai sekihi
....aitai yo
Torn to pieces, your white wings are dispersed on the wind.
With a kiss, your pure soul was returned to the sky.

“I want to sleep soon,”
you said as you smiled.
You untangled yourself from my right hand
and left.

Kneeling in the dirt, I kissed your cold tombstone
and clung onto it.
....I miss you.

“I want to sleep soon.”
I grasped onto your right hand.
I wonder why
I ever let go back then.

Your white wings are dispersed on the wind…
Your pure soul was returned to the sky…

Kneeling in the dirt…
Your cold tombstone…
....I miss you.
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