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Translation Contest!

Hey everybody! *WAVES*

My final semester of college is going by pretty freaking fast. *-* I have finished the rough draft of my senior thesis, and next week is spring break, so I'm halfway there!

To celebrate coming SO CLOSE to being able to be fully devoted to this community again, I've decided to hold a little contest. This may sound a little silly, but perhaps some of you will find it fun? Maybe? No? Ehhh...

Anyway! The rules of the contest are super simple: just comment on this thread with a request of an entire album you would like translated (name of artist & album title included). You are perfectly welcome to request an album that is not out yet (but will be released sometime between now and May 13th), or you can even change your request before the contest ends. Around a month from now, on April 13th, I will close the contest and take the comments through a random generator, which selects a random winner. Whoever wins, I will try my best to have the entire album translated by May 13th (or at the very least be started on a few songs haha)!

The winner will be completely random! I promise I will not be biased and choose the album that sounds "most fun" to translate or anything like that. :P

がんばってね! \(^▽^)/
~ ケラナ
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