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I've started a Patreon page!

Hello friends! <3 I have some small news...
For quite a while now, I have been considering starting a Patreon page for my translations. Over the past few years, this community has gained in popularity, so requests are becoming more & more frequent. Honestly, this has kicked my passion for Japanese music into high-gear, and translating songs and talking with you guys has become by favorite way to spend my free time.

Because of this, I've decided to start a Patreon page where people can choose to donate and help support me along my little journey. The most important thing I can stress here is that my translations are still (and always will be) FREE. In donating, all you'd be doing is supporting my efforts along the way. <3 It took me a long time to choose to officially open a page like this, because I didn't want people to think I was charging them or begging them for their money, because that is certainly not the case. I want the community to grow, and I really want to keep fulfilling requests for everyone. Patreon just provides me with a small backing of support to keep doing what I love. ^^

Patreon is basically a way for people to support artists of all sorts. :3 Check out their official introduction video below to get the full gist of things:

My personal patreon page is a monthly campaign, meaning you would choose how much you would like to donate each month, and at the 1st of every month, you would be charged that amount. You can cancel at ANY TIME and will not be charged once cancelled. By making an account on, you also have a way to see everyone you are supporting at any time, so it makes things very easy to keep track of. :)

By donating, you will also receive rewards.
- For donating $1 or more per month, you'll be able to request 3 songs at a time (instead of 2). This includes when the request thread is "closed."
- For donating $5 or more per month, you'll be able to request 3 songs at a time (instead of 2). Your requests will be placed as top priority above the others and be completed as quickly as possible! You will also be able to request when the thread is "closed."
- For donating $20 or more per month... which is an insanely generous amount... I will translate an entire album for you each month that you choose to continue donating. Like above, your request will be top priority above everything else, and I will translate it as quickly and accurately as I possibly can. :) And, of course, even during "closed" months, your album(s) will be translated!


In the end, translating is something I've wanted to do for many years now. It's my greatest passion, and I have genuinely loved getting to meet so many of you along the way. :3 As time goes on, I would love to start a YouTube channel or a blog of some sort to help others learn some beginning Japanese through music, or movies, or books, or video games.

Thank you all so much for your support so far -- even just visiting the community makes my day. ^^ I sincerely mean that!

For any more questions, please message me or leave a comment!

Check out my patreon page here.

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