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End of the year updates!

Hello everyone!

Welp, today marked the completion of the very last request of the year. I feel like this community grew so much during 2015, and I appreciate all of the requests I got this year! I discovered so many new artists (that I'm now obsessed with), and had some great conversations with requesters about countless songs. ^^ I translated over 250 songs this year, totaling over 700 songs. I reached over 200 watchers and members. I even received my very first donation for translations (thank you so much, Atlanta!!). Overall, it has been a pretty amazing year. 本当にどうもありがとう!!

Though the request thread will be closed until January 1st, I'll still be updating tons in the next month & a half. I'm planning on completing the following albums:

Marumoto Riko
Kokoro Yohou ~ame nochi hare~

Monkey Majik
Colour By Number

Shibasaki Kou
Lyrical * Wonder

Live Love Laugh

Softly, Hajimaru yo.

Uchu Mao
Nanatsu no Uta, Anata no Niji ni Nare

Knowing me, I probably won't be able to finish all of that, buuuut... I'LL TRY! *fist pump*

I hope you all have positive and peaceful holidays as the year comes to an end. Let's all look forward to what comes next! (*^▽^)/

Kelana ケラナ
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