December 5th, 2009



the request thread: CLOSED

You may request up to 2 songs at a time.
02. When I have translated all your songs, you may request again! (But only if requests are still open.)
03. Please include artist name and song name in your requests.
04. Any requests posted while CLOSED will be removed.

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Shion Tsuji, "Hoshii Mono" [K/R/T]

Artist:辻詩音 (Shion Tsuji)
Song Title: ほしいもの (Hoshii Mono; What I Want)
Album: Catch!
Track Number: 13
Released: 2010
Lyrics By: Shion Tsuji

Ah, Shion Tsuji... she seems to have become the new YUI. Just with cuter, more simple music. haha. "Hoshii Mono" was a little bit of a let down for me at first, but it easily grew on me, becoming one of my very favs from her. :3
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100s, "Moshi Kono Mama" { kanji / romaji / translation }

Artist: 100s
Song Title: もしこのまま (Moshi Kono Mama; Stay Like This)
Album: ALL!!!!!!
Track Number: 11
Released: 2007
Lyrics By: Nakamura Kazuyoshi

This is one of my favorite 100s songs. It's also one of the more difficult I've had to translate. I love the simplicity of the music, the lyrics - everything. And yet, it's still such a deep song. Just incredibly emotional... :3 Nakamura's vocals are so unique, and so gripping. The lyrics are just the same.

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12012, "Page" { kanji / romaji / translation }

Artist: 12012
Song Title: Page
Album: Over...
Track Number: 2
Released: 2006
Lyrics By: Wataru Miyawaki

12012 are my favorite Visual Kei band, hands down. Wataru-san's voice simply makes me melt, and I still can't get over how much emotion pulses through it. "Page" has very interesting lyrics, which I believe are about one's regret and repent for the sins that he's committed, as death approaches.

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Superfly, "Ai ni Dakarete" [K/R/T]

Artist: Superfly
Song Title: 愛に抱かれて (Ai ni Dakarete; Held By Love)
Album: Box Emotions
Track Number: 13
Released: 2009
Lyrics By: Oti Shiho

Requested by cerisesucrerie. :) Note: the line "you walking as such" was really difficult to translate into English. I know I did a horrible job, but it was the best way I could think to say it. She's meaning she's doing a little better, even though he's walking away from her. :3 Hope it's not too confusing!

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