November 26th, 2012



Artist: ぱすぽ☆ (PASSPO☆)
Song Title: 2Days
Album: One World
Track Number: 9
Released: 2012
Lyrics By: Penne & Arabiata
Listen: Youtube

I LOVE PASSPO's new album! It's excellent. ^^ This one especially stood out to me, so I figured I would translate it first. I wasn't sure if they're meaning "in TWO DAYS" or "TODAY"... I think they're possibly meaning two days as in today and tomorrow. :P Not sure. ANYWAYS, I really love how inspiring this song is... kind of like saying "dying is for tomorrow, I'll keep living for today."

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Sato Fumika, "Gift" [K/R/T]

Artist: 佐藤史果 (Sato Fumika)
Song Title: Gift
Single: Karappo
Track Number: 2
Released: 2011
Lyrics By: H.U.B.
Listen: Youtube

This little lady has just disappeared lately. >.> I'm really hoping she comes back, because I love her music. This is the last song to be translated from her "Karappo" single... sorry it took so long!

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