January 22nd, 2013


Sada Masashi, "Sakimori no Uta" [K/R/T]

Artist: さだまさし (Sada Masashi)
Song Title: 防人の詩 (Sakimori no Uta; Song of the Sakimori)
Album: Tsugunai ~songs of life
Track Number: 12
Released: 2003
Lyrics By: Sada Masashi
Listen: Youtube

Requested by acgreon. NOTE: The video preview is sung by EXILE's Atsushi (not Sada Masashi). The title around the internet has loosely been translated as "Song of A Soldier," however, the sakimori were a specific type of soldier. I've also seen this translated as Song of An "Ancient Japanese Coast Guard," which I think fits better. Either way, the title means more or less the same, I suppose... So I just decided to keep their original name of "sakimori". ^^ This song has so much power and emotion behind it; it's absolutely stunning.
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