January 12th, 2014

chihiro onitsuka

Onitsuka Chihiro, "Arashi ga Oka" {k/r/t}

Artist: 鬼束 ちひろ (Onitsuka Chihiro)
Song Title: 嵐ヶ丘 (Arashi ga Oka; Wuthering Heights)
Single: Beautiful Fighter
Track Number: 2
Released: 2003
Lyrics By: Onitsuka Chihiro

One of my favorite songs from one of my favorite artists. :) Chihiro Onitsuka is an amazing lyricist, but I admit that she's a little tough to translate -- for me, anyway. :P Her lyrics are very complex and beautiful. I'm shocked to learn that this song ISN'T about Emily Bronte's book Wuthering Heights ... It sounds just like Heathcliff!! XD But, apparently, Onitsuka wrote it to represent a worldview. ...I still pretend it's about the book. haha

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