November 27th, 2020


Onitsuka Chihiro - HYSTERIA [ full album English translation]

Released: 2020.11.25

01. 憂鬱な太陽 退屈な月 (Yuuutsu na Taiyou Taikutsu na Tsuki)
02. フェアリーテイル (Fairytale)
03. 焼ける川 (Yakeru Kawa)
04. Dawn of my Faith
05. Swallow the Ocean
06. 「蒼い春」 (“Aoi Haru”)
07. ネオンテトラの麻疹たち (Neon Tetra no Hashika-tachi)
08. Uncriminal
09. End of the World
10. Boys Don’t Cry

I just completed translating Onitsuka Chihiro's newest album, Hysteria. You can click the links above to view each translation, or just click here to go to Onitsuka Chihiro's full discography page. Please note that Onitsuka's lyrics are notorious for being INCREDIBLY ambiguous, so these translations will 100% have errors. When it comes to Onitsuka, I usually make corrections to my translations over time. :P But here are my first drafts!