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JLPT Results!

みんなさん! おはようーーー!!

I just have some exciting news (to me, anyway) that I wanted to share with you all! :3 Back in December, I decided to take the plunge and attempt to take the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test). This is simply a test that measures your fluency in the language. There are 5 levels, N5 being the easiest level, N1 being the hardest. I decided to take the N3. While most people say it's worthless to take the JLPT unless it's N2 or N1 level, I still wanted to dip my toes in and see how I'd do. I got my scores today, and...


I know most of you are looking at me like, "Wtf? I'd hope you'd pass, you run a translation community." Hahaha. I have some pretty embarrassing test anxiety, and (as many of you probably already know), my listening skills are sooo bad. So I was honestly going into this thinking I wouldn't pass. With the JLPT, if you fail even just ONE section, you fail the whole test. So listening was terrifying. I'll admit, I didn't do great on the listening... barely passed there. XD But I made A's on vocabulary, grammar, and reading!

Just felt like sharing with the community. :) Not to be all sappy, but everyone here inspires me to keep studying and improving. I know I'm not the best translator so far, but you all always push me forward to be better. 本当にありがとう。

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