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Yoshida Takuro, "Natsuyasumi" { kanji / romaji / translation }

Artist: 吉田拓郎 (Yoshida Takuro)
Song Title: 夏休み (Natsuyasumi; Summer Vacation)
Album: Yoshida Takuro On Stage Tomodachi
Track Number: 10
Released: 1971
Lyrics By: Yoshida Takuro


Kanji Romaji English Translation
麦わら帽子は もう消えた
たんぼの蛙は もう消えた
それでも待ってる 夏休み

姉さん先生 もういない
きれいな先生 もういない
それでも待ってる 夏休み

絵日記つけてた 夏休み
花火を買ってた 夏休み
指おり待ってた 夏休み

畑のとんぼは どこ行った
あの時逃がして あげたのに
ひとりで待ってた 夏休み

西瓜を食べてた 夏休み
水まきしたっけ 夏休み
ひまわり 夕立 せみの声
mugiwara boushi wa mou kieta
tanbo no kaeru wa mou kieta
soredemo matteru natsuyasumi

neesan sensei mou inai
kirei na sensei mou inai
soredemo matteru natsuyasumi

enikki tsuketeta natsuyasumi
hanabi wo katteta natsuyasumi
yubi ori matteta natsuyasumi

hatake no tonbo wa doko itta
ano toki nigashite ageta no ni
hitori de matteta natsuyasumi

suika wo tabeta natsuyasumi
mizumaki shitakke natsuyasumi
himawari yuudachi semi no koe
The straw hats are already gone.
The rice paddy frogs are already gone.
And yet, I’m waiting for summer vacation.

The older teachers aren’t here anymore.
The pretty teachers aren’t here anymore.
And yet, I’m waiting for summer vacation.

Summer vacation, when I drew in my picture diary.
Summer vacation,when I bought fireworks.
Summer vacation, when I waited counting down.

Where did the garden dragonflies go?
Though I let them go free back then,
I waited alone for summer vacation.

Summer vacation, when I ate watermelon.
Summer vacation, when I played in the water hose.
Sunflowers, evening rain showers, the chirping of cicadas...
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