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Ai Otsuka, "I ♥ ×××", [K/R/T]

Artist: 大塚 愛 (Ai Otsuka)
Song Title: I ♥ ×××
Single: I ♥ ×××
Track Number: 1
Released: 2010
Lyrics By: Ai Otsuka
Listen: Youtube

This song is absolutely stunning, and it makes me wanna cry almost everytime I hear it. It's such a great tribute to the beauty in life. I love how Ai can always make such genuinely happy, positive music. She's so talented. :)
Kanji Romaji English Translation
I LOVE YOU を my family
I LOVE YOU いつもの my friend and
I LOVE YOU たった1人の lover
そして you and you


I LOVE YOU 昨日のstory
I LOVE YOU 何年も先のstory
I LOVE YOU 何気ない today
そして my dream ...myself


I LOVE YOU よく聴く music
I LOVE YOU 夜はstarlight and moon
I LOVE YOU 風に乗る sea
そして sky !

I LOVE YOU... ×××
I love you wo my family
I love you itsumo no my friend and
I love you tatta hitori no lover
Soshite you, and you

Donna ni hanarete itatte
wasureru koto nante nai
Dore hitotsu totte mite mo
sore wa mitsuketa takara mono

I love you kinou no story
I love you nannen mo saki no story
I love you nanigenai today
Soshite my dream... myself

Kokoro ga nigotte kite mo
burenai hitomi wo
Shinjite mite mo warukunai
sore wa saishou kara aru takara mono

I love you yokukiku music
I love you yoru wa starlight and moon
I love you kaze ni noru sea
Soshite sky!

I love you... ×××
I love you, my family.
I love you, always my friend, and
I love you, one and only lover.
And you, and you.

Despite how far apart we may be,
I won't forget anything.
Each and every thing I find along the way
will be a treasure.

I love you, story of yesterday.
I love you, story of years to come.
I love you, ordinary today.
And my dream... myself.

Even when my heart is dirtied,
and my eyes unclear,
I try to believe from the beginning
that things aren't bad, they're a treasure.

I love you, music that I hear.
I love you, nights of starlight and moon.
I love you, wind that rides the sea.
And sky!

I love you... ×××
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