Kelana (pinknives) wrote in musicbox_trans,

I'm still alive

Hey everyone! I'm so sorry for my lack of updating lately. :( I still have the full intention to keep this community up & running, the past few weeks have just been very busy and hectic. I've gone on a few trips, some of my friends I haven't seen in years & years came to visit, I'm working overtime, learning how to use my new camera, and of course - TORNADOS! My town got hit by an F3 tornado a while ago, and it's been a trial getting things back in working order. But all is well now, and I promise to try to keep updating! I'm working on a translation as we speak, actually. <3

Thanks to everyone who's still a member, and to the new members who have joined! I'll try my best! =^.^=
Tags: *sitely

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