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VAMPS, "Piano Duet" [K/R/T]

Artist: VAMPS
Song Title: Piano Duet
Album: Beast
Track Number: 9
Released: 2010
Lyrics By: Hyde
Listen: Youtube

I've been meaning to translate this song for a year now... I can't get over how beautiful it is. Makes me feel so peaceful, sad, and nostalgic.
Kanji Romaji English Translation
ねぇ こんなふうに想いながら
鍵盤の上 紡ぎあってゆくメロディ

あぁ こんなにも愛してくれていたなんて
気づかないで あまりにも …遅すぎた

ねぇ 雨の日は寄り添うように
ピアノを弾いて いつも歌ったよね
音符が舞って まるで今日と同じように

貴方が今 居てくれたなら
きっと素直に言えるのに 天国へは届かないよ

ねぇ いつの日か貴方に帰る
あぁ こんなにも愛してくれていたなんて
気づかないで 言えなかった けど…

nee, konna fuu ni omoi nagara
yoku ni ta te wo kasaneteta no kana?
kenban no ue tsumugi atte yuku merodii

aa, konna ni mo aishite kurete ita nante
kizukanai de amari ni mo... oso sugita

nee, ame no hi wa yorisou you ni
piano wo hiite itsumo utatta yo ne
onpu ga matte maru de kyou to onaji you ni

anata ga ima ite kureta nara
kitto sunao ni ieru noni tengoku e wa todokanai yo

nee, itsu no hi ka anata ni kaeru
sono hi nara aeta nara ieru kana?
aa, konna ni mo aishite kurete ita nante
kizukanai de ienakatta kedo...

Hey, did you have something like this in mind
when you placed your hands this way?
The melody is spinning on the keys.

Ah, you loved me so much,
and I didn't even realize it... it's too late now.

Hey, we'd cuddle on rainy days,
as we'd play the piano and sing.
The music notes danced, the same as they do now.

If only you were here with me now.
I'm positive I can say it, but it can't reach heaven.

Hey, someday I will return home to you.
Will I be able to tell you on that day?
Ah, you loved me so much,
and I didn't realize, I didn't tell you, but...

"Thank you."
"Thank you."
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