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Kannivalism, "Life Is" [K/R/T]

Artist: Kannivalism
Song Title: Life Is
Album: Life Is (single)
Track Number: 1
Released: 2009
Lyrics By: Ryo

Requested by maocchi. :D I had no clue Kannivalism were back!! Some fan I am. :S This is such a positive song. I just love the lyrics, even though I know I butchered them. :(

Kanji Romaji English Translation
life is melody...

life is melody 日々に
泡沫な 1日だったり
life is melody 気分に
心のスピーカ 歪み

life is melody 名も無き 音々に
ボクの ココロ描き
life is melody 名も無き
この詩に 独り叫び

life is melody がなり
ギザギザの 不格好な 世界で 独り
全て 嘘っぱち 観えて

life is melody 名も無き 菜々に
キミは 愛を描き
この空に 嘆く様に
独り 愛を叫び


死んでしまいたくなった あの日
ココロ 響き 泣いた あの日

life is melody 名も無き 詩で
解き放て 未来地図
life is melody 名も無き 時と共に

ボクはキミの為に 詩を唄い
愛を唄い 叫ぶ様に
願え 小さき幸に

二人ぼっちの life is melody
Life is melody....

Life is melody hibi ni
utakata na ichi nichi dattari
life is melody kibun ni
kokoro no supiika yugami

Life is melody namo naki oto ni
boku no kokoro egaki
life is melody namo naki
kono uta ni hitori sakebi

Life is melody ga nari
gizagiza no bukakkou na sekai de hitori
subete usoppachi miete
kiete shimai taku nattan da

Life is melody namo naki nana ni
kimi wa ai wo egaki
kono sora ni nageku you ni
hitori ai wo sakebi

dare no tame ni?
nani no tame ni?
dare no tame ni?

hitoribocchi ni natte
shin de shimai taku natta ano hi
ari kitari na kotoba ni
kokoro hibiki naita ano hi

Life is melody namo naki uta de
toki hanate mirai chizu
life is melody namo naki toki totomo ni
kara wo yaburi

boku wa kimi no tame ni uta wo utai
kimi wa boku no tame ni
ai wo utai sakebu you ni
negae chiisaki kou ni

futari bocchi no Life is melody
Life is melody....

Life is melody, everyday
had become just one transient day.
Life is melody, the mood
of my heart's speaker was distorted.

Life is melody, in nameless sounds,
I'm drawing my heart.
Life is melody, in this nameless
poem, I'm screaming alone.

Life is melody, I became
tilted, awkward, and alone in the world.
I've seen all the downright lies,
and I wanted to disappear.

Life is melody, in nameless fields,
I'm drawing your love.
I lament to the sky,
screaming for love alone.

For who?
For what?
For who?

Becoming completely alone,
I wanted to die that day.
In ordinary words,
my heart's cry echoed that day.

Life is melody, in nameless poems,
I'm solving the future map.
Life is melody, in a nameless time,
emptiness is breaking.

Because of you, I'm singing this poem.
Because of me, you are
singing of love and crying out
for just a little hope.

With the two of us, life is melody.
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