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Monkey Majik, "On and On" [K/R/T]

Artist: Monkey Majik
Song Title: On and On
Album: Thank You
Track Number: 4
Released: 2006
Lyrics By: Maynard, Blaise, tax
Listen: Youtube


Kanji Romaji English Translation


on and onだから探すのさ
on and on時を待たないで


on and on晴れた空の下
on and on …ただ …ただ真っすぐ

まだ信じるものを 見つける事できない
わかっているから 今は何も言わない

on and onほんの少しだけ
on and on辿り着けるかな…
itsumo tooku bakari o mite ita nda
me no mae no koto nado ki ni mo sezu

kowareta kasa mo sasazu hadashi no mama
jibun no kage kara mo nigete ita

on and on dakara sagasu no sa
owari to hajimari no hi o
on and on toki o mata nai de

yogoreta michi wa ame ga kirei ni shite
tashika na genjitsu ga miete kita

on and on hareta sora no shita
isogu imi nanka nai yo
on and on... tada... tada massugu

mada shinjiru mono o mitsukeru koto dekinai
wakatte iru kara ima wa nani mo iwanai

on and on honno sukoshi dake
yukisaki ga miete kita yo
on and on tadoritsukeru kana...
I was always just looking at the distance,
never caring about what was right in front of my eyes.

I was running from my own shadow,
without piercing my bare feet on the broken umbrella.

On and on, so search
for the light of the beginning and ending.
On and on, don't wait on time.

The dirtied streets become clean with the rain.
I have seen a definite reality.

On and on, beneath a cloudless sky,
I have no reason to rush.
On and on... just... just straight ahead.

I can't find what it is that I still believe in.
I can't say anything now, because I understand.

On and on, just a little bit,
my destination is in sight.
On and on, I wonder if I've finally arrived...
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