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FLOWER FLOWER, "Ohayou no Kisu wo" {K/R/T}

Song Title: おはようのキスを (Ohayou no Kisu wo; A Good Morning Kiss)
Album: Mi
Track Number: 5
Released: 2014
Lyrics By: yui
Listen: Youtube

Yes, this is a song from YUI (or rather, yui)'s new band, FLOWER FLOWER! This was one of the songs from her recently released live performance. This song just stood out to me so much when I watched the live. I was blown away. I haven't felt this much passion within YUI's music in quite a long time. Her last two albums were very bland. I felt so much listening to this one, I had to translate it right away. It's very beautiful, and heart wrenching as well... I really love the way the lyrics are written. She talks about the moment, then it's like she has a "flashback" of how things used to be. Very lovely. <3

Kanji Romaji English Translation
淡い淡い痛い... 波間の風
甘い甘い匂い... 君の残像

薄い薄い空... 朝焼けの色
行かないで 僕をおいて
消えないで もう泣きたくないよ
消えないで もう泣きたくないよ


見ない見ない辛い... 薄めの先
わらいわらい笑顔... 押し寄せる波
嫌い嫌い世界... おはようのキスを
嫌い嫌い世界... おはようのキスを

Awai awai itai... namima no kaze
amai amai nioi... kimi no zanzou

usui usui sora... asayake no iro
ikanai de boku wo oite
kienai de mou nakitakunai yo
ikanai de...
kienai de mou nakitakunai yo

imi wo motome sugiteru
kowaresou na isu ni suwatte
kowaresou na isu ni suwatteiru....

minai minai tsurai... usume no saki
warai warai egao... oshiyoseru nami
kirai kirai sekai... ohayou no kisu wo
kirai kirai sekai... ohayou no kisu wo

utsukushiku mieta yo
tsukaifurusareta koe de
tsukaifurusareta koe de
Fleeting, fleeting, it hurts... the wind on the waves.
A sweet, sweet smell... your afterimage.

The pale, pale sky... the colors of the sunrise.
Don't leave me.
Don't disappear, I don't want to cry anymore.
Don't leave...
Don't disappear, I don't want to cry anymore.

I've searched too much for the meaning.
In a broken chair, I sit.
In a broken chair, I'm sitting....

I can't see, I can't see, I'm heartbroken... a weak target.
Laughing, laughing smiling faces... the waves surge forward.
I hate it, I hate the world... a good morning kiss.
I hate it, I hate the world... a good morning kiss.

It looked so beautiful.
With a worn-out voice,
with a worn-out voice,
I sing....
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