Kelana (pinknives) wrote in musicbox_trans,

Site Update: It's that time again!

Hello everyone! I hope you have all been well!

I just wanted to let you all know that I'm finally back from the tortures of school/finals/all that good stuff! Requests are open again, and please note that if you requested anything while they were closed (and you don't see them on the "currently translating" list to your left), then you will need to request again. When I close requests, that means I don't pay any attention to the thread at all, so things get lost. :P I have deleted all the old requests, so PLEASE let me know if your request is not currently on the list!

I'm so sorry for how long it's taking me to get back to those who requested back in March. I'm working on those songs now, and hope to be done with them by this week! Thank you to everyone who has been patient, and I'm glad to be back taking requests! :D

Have a great summer everyone!!

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