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musicbox translations

Japanese to English lyric translations

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Music Box Translations // lyric translations
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Japanese lyric translations
WELCOME; Musicbox Translations is my (Kelana's) personal community for Japanese song lyric translations. This is a friendly, simple community where lovers of Japanese music can come together and appreciate the beautiful lyrics that go into each song. I highly encourage requests! If anyone has a Japanese song that they would like translated, just head over to the request thread and request. :) Sometimes life gets a little hectic and requests will be closed, but I promise I'll always come back... eventually. ^^;

The community officially began in 2011. Since its creation, there are 1,216 songs translated from 328 artists!

KELANA ケラナ; I'm a gaming nerd in my 20's, living somewhere in the south of the United States. I've been translating Japanese for 10 years now, though I still have an embarrassingly long way to go. My translation style can also be quite literal at times - often because I love keeping the meaning as close to its original Japanese wording as possible. ♥ My favorite Japanese artists are (in no particular order): YUI, Onitsuka Chihiro, Monkey Majik, Utada Hikaru, Suzu, Uchu Mao, The Brilliant Green, and Yamazaki Aoi. Aside from Japanese music, some of my other favorite artists include: Fightstar, Charlie Simpson, Bear's Den, Angels & Airwaves, Nell, and He Is We.
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